Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The following is a tutorial on setting up WOW Mobile on your Phone and PC. It is a remote desktop app for mobile phones. This should work on any cellphone that supports Java J2ME.
Now don't expect to be questing or
leveling with wowMobile, (Unless your using wow glider) its more for simple things, for the geeks, addicts (or the bored)

-Check Auction House
-Sell/Buy at merchants
-Small travel distances
-Catch up on Email
-Monitor the wait status for a battle ground while your away from your computer

J2ME capable cell cariers are Sprint, Cingular, T-mobile Phones. If anyone has any other carriers that work w/ J2ME for feel free to comment or email me at

Also Use your cell phone for a lot more than just phone calls. Like playing World of Warcraft, Document Scanning w/ your phones camera or Remote Desktop!
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1. Install RDM+ Server on your PC

-Register the program w/ your email address to activate the trial.
-On the RDM ACCOUNTS TAB >> Create User/pass - 'user' / yourpassword

2. Install Quick Macro

-Replace “scripts” folder in the quickMacro Program Folder with the custom scripts folder (Here).
-Click "Enable All" button

3. Install wowClient on Phone

-Install the wowclient jar file on your phone. JAD/JAR (If u have sprint u can use this uploader)
-Start Client .. Select Trial for now.
-Create new connection with your computers ID number xx-xxx-xxx/ username / pass
-Connect >> Choose >> Desktop

4. Start Warcraft on your computer

-Check "Windowed Mode" (recommend 1024x768)
-Check "Full Screen"
-Check to Maximize the UI Scale to 1

Your now should be remote desktop connected to your computer running wow on your phone.

Phone Controls:

The Following hotkeys are available in the Phone Client: ((Red are the main ones)

[1] Turn LEFT / Left click.
[2] Double click.
[3] Turn RIGHT / Right click.
[6] Left click and hold. (for dragging)

If not a cursor mode, first key pressed enter to the cursor mode.

Selecting and sending keyboard shortcut from list.

Run2 Ctrl-Z (Run/walk medium distance)
Run1 Ctrl-C (Run/walk short distance)
Run3 Ctrl-X (Run/walk long distance)
Jump Ctlr-V
Walk/Run Ctrl-A
Stop! Ctrl-F


[5] [Softkey] Menu
[7] Magnifier mode: x1, x2, x3.
[8] Zoom In.
[9] Full desktop mode.
[0] Selecting and sending keys sequence (entering text string).
[*] Turning on scroll mode.
[#] Direct Input ON, in the Direct Input mode opens the menu of keys.


You don't have to ZOOM in every time u want to click something the mouse pointer is very precise.

-Keep Quick Macro OPEN behind WOW.

-For Non movement related activities disable the macros hit [4] >>
"Switch Program" then leftclick[1] the DISABLE ALL" button. the reverse goes for enabling the movement macros

-Turn the Color Depth Down to 8 or 4 bits if ur moving around.
wowMobile client settings >> (desktop palette)

-Wait a Second or two between Movement related Key presses

-Think AHEAD to account for latency and Practice, it took me 20+ minutes to get the hang of things.

-Use [0] to enter key presses such as shift-B for backpack(s).

-To jump over something press [4] >>
Run2 >> [4] >> Jump

Tuesday, October 24, 2006